Mission 3: Navigate the mined tunnel.

Escape from the City of Doom through the Mined tunnel The objectives for the robot are to maneuver through a walled path which is mined while avoiding triggering the mines, and to exit safe and sound at the other end of the path. Triggering the mines will disable the robot.

The minefield will be populated with visible mines. Each mine is a 6"X6" white object which is sensible to the weight of the robot. The mines along the tunnel are very sensitive and will be triggered when any part of the robot, wheels or rear caster, touches then causing a light to turn on. The walls are visible but not mined but robots that crash on the walls will be disbaled. All judges decisions are FINAL.

Each attempt will end when the robot exits at the other end of the tunnel, when it triggers any mine in the path, or when it crahes onto a wall.