AAAI Spring Symposium Series 1996: Adaptation, Co-evolution and Learning in Multiagent Systems

March 25-27, 1996

Stanford University, California

Coordination of multiple agents is essential for the viability of systems in which these agents share resources. Learning and adaptation are invaluable mechanisms by which agents can evolve coordination strategies that meet the demands of the environments and the requirements of individual agents. This symposium focuses on research that will address unique requirements for agents learning and adapting to work with other agents. Among others, the symposia will address the following issues:

In addition to presentation of selected papers, the symposia will consist of panel discussions, breakout groups, and invited talks. We will distribute accepted papers and key discussion topics ahead of the symposium.

Papers to be presented

  1. Neeraj Arora and Sandip Sen, "Resolving Social Dilemmas Using Genetic Algorithms."
  2. H.H. Bui and D. Kieronska, "Negotiating agents that learn about other's preferences."
  3. Lawrence Bull and Terence C. Fogarty, "Evolution in cooperative multiagent environments."
  4. Innes A. Ferguson and Grigoris J. Karakoulas, "Multiagent Learning and Adaptation in an Information Filtering Market."
  5. Andrew Garland and Richard Alterman, "Multiagent Learning through Collective Memory."
  6. Dan L. Grecu and David C. Brown, "Learning to Design Together."
  7. John Grefenstette and Robert Daley, "Methods for competitive and cooperative co-evolution."
  8. Salima Hassas and Jacques Bonneville, "Towards a self-organizational approach for a parallel computation in a distributed production rule based system."
  9. Thomas Haynes, Kit Lau, and Sandip Sen, "Learning Cases to Compliment Rules in Conflict Resolution."
  10. Owen Holland, "Multiagent systems: lessons from social insects and collective robotics."
  11. Hitoshi Matsubara, Itsuki Noda, and Kazuo Hiraki, "Learning of Cooperative actions in multiagent systems: a case study of pass play in Soccer."
  12. MV Nagendra Prasad and Victor Lesser, "Learning Situation-specific Coordination in Generalized Partial Global Planning."
  13. MV Nagendra Prasad, Victor Lesser, and Susan Lander, "Learning Organizational Roles in a Heterogeneous Multiagent System."
  14. Martha E. Pollack and Cristina Bichhieri, "The potential for the evolution of cooperation among Web agents."
  15. Shounak Roychowdhury, Neeraj Arora, and Sandip Sen, "Effects of local information on group behavior."
  16. Jurgen Schmidhuber, "Theory of multi-agent learning in unrestricted environments."
  17. Peter Stone and Manuela Veloso, "Learning: A Case Study in Robotic Soccer."
  18. Milind Tambe, Lewis Johnson, and Wei-Min Shen, "Adaptive Agent Tracking in Real-world Multiagent domains: A Preliminary Report."
  19. Dajun Zeng and Katia Sycara, "Bayesian Learning in Negotiation."

Schedule of Presentations

Organizing Committee

Sandip Sen (Chair), University of Tulsa,; Devika Subramanian, Rice University; Jeff Rosenschein, The Hebrew University; John J. Grefenstette, Naval Research Laboratory; Michael N. Huhns, University of South Carolina; Tad Hogg, Xerox PARC