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Frequently Asked Questions

Helpdesk personel get many questions - many of which are repeated many times. A FAQ, which is a list of frequently asked questions - and their answers, intends to provide a quick and easy way to help you get an answer to a questions. The FAQ is available after you log into the work request system. To log into the work request system use your username and password. The username normally takes the form of firstname-lastname, if you don't know your password, please contact the helpdesk at x3500 so a password can be set for you. Once you have logged in to the work request system, click on the "FAQ" option at the top of the screen. If you don't find an answer to your question in the FAQ, click on the "Request Help" option at the top of the screen in order to submit a work request.

Request Help

You can request help without logging in to IRM. To do this you need to select the appropriate department, click the Help button below and then follow the instructions. Your request will be filed under the user name of guest so you will need to ensure that the contact information is correct if you wish to recieve updates and keep in touch with the helpdesk.