FIRST 2007 Pictures

You can view it online here at our Photo Gallery.
Download Lone Star Regional Picture here: Thursday (42MB) | Friday (60MB) | Saturday (36MB). Even though we didn't win any awards this year, we all had a great time. We ranked 14th out of 52 teams competing.


Having fun
having fun with the mug shots

Hi, welcome to our website! We are the Jenks High School robotic team. We are competing in the FIRST Robotic Competition this year. The regional competition will be in Houston, TX on 03/29/07 - 03/31/07. We are sponsored by The University of Tulsa, First Robotic, AEP. Thanks to our sponsor to make this possible. You can read more about this competition at its official website. read more...

Our team

The team
the team are listening to Dr. Kane explaining robotic stuffs while Dr. Diaz on the right stand and observe

Our team consist of around 20 members. Some of us participating for the first time, some of us has been on the team for 3 years or more. The best is, we all love to build a robot. Want to learn more about each one of us and our tasks? Please check out our profiles at the Team page. read more...

Our robot

The robot
wheel on the ground, yea, we did that

Our robot's name is Mini Flannigan. Mini Flannigan is smart and hopefully it will win us some award this year. Mini Flannigan is a treamendous works put out by our team members, our memtors and the volunteers. read more...

The game

You can quickly learn about the competition and the rules here. Click on the play button to start the video, require flash. If you would like more information about this year's FIRST robotic competition, please visit its official website. read more...