Self-Healing Materials

We research the synthesis and characterization of polymers and composites that self-repair and self-sense damage.

Microscale Testing

My lab is interested in the development of new testing approaches at the microscale. We apply these techniques to the characterization of microscale materials and biological systems.

Composite Repair Systems

We are working to develop and characterize composite repair systems for the rehabilitation of pressure vessels and equipment.

Mechanics of Biological Systems

My lab is interested in the mechanical properties of cells and the characterization of biological entities.

Experimental Solid Mechanics

Experimental solid mechanics is at the core of all the research performed in our lab.

Self-Healing Composites

Our lab is interested in synthesizing and characterizaing novel composite and polymeric materials with the ability to self-repair.

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Biological Mechanics

We are interested in the mechanical characterization of biological entities such as algae and C. elegans.

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Composite Mechanics

Macro-scale and micro-scale characterization of advanced and functional composites and polymers

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Composite Repairs

We characterize and design composite systems for the repair of pressure vessels and equipment.

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