The Advanced Composite Materials Lab is directed by Michael W. Keller and focuses on the development and characterization of novel composite material systems. We utilize an interdisciplinary approach to materials research that combines materials science, engineering, and mechanics.

Current research interests include self-healing materials, microencapsulation techniques, advanced materials characterization (at both macro and micro-nano length scales), and materials for energy systems.

Please feel free to contact Prof. Keller or any other group members if you would like to know more about the lab or our research.

Professor Michael W. Keller | Department of Mechanical Engineering | The University of Tulsa
L173 Keplinger Hall | 800 S. Tucker Dr. | tulsa, OK 74104-3189
Tel: +1 918.631.3198 | Fax: +1 918.631.2397 | email: mwkeller@utulsa.edu